I've started coding at age of sixteen, developed first commercial software at age of twenty. In 12 years of my career, I architected and delivered a broad range of solutions: 3D games, health tracking app, karaoke appliance, car computer dashboard, custom E-commerce website, cryptocurrency payment processor, and Ethereum dApp. I worked with companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Spain. I am a writer at HackerNoon.


  • Apercoin – 0% trading fee peer-to-peer crypto marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.
  • Midas – crypto payment processing system with no 3rd party dependencies.
  • Coinpledge – personal productivity tool based on publicity and commitment principles.
  • Karaoke System – multimedia entertainment system for venues featuring karaoke and quiz.
  • Lyrics Recognition Utility – OCR powered utility for converting low-resolution karaoke videos into a full-featured XML document.
  • Car Multimedia System – the system features many components for in-car use such as phone integration, video playback, music player, navigation, social, web, radio, and etc.
  • ReBomber – simple 2d scroller game based on the 90s game for Nintendo NES Bomberman.


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