Midas is a crypto payment processing system with no 3rd party dependencies.
Crypto Invoice

Position: Lead Developer.

Midas Key Features:
  • Issue invoice in any currency and provide live exchange rate during the payment process.
  • Overpaid and underpaid invoice handling. No need to reissue invoice.
  • All funds are deposited directly into cold storage – making stealing funds impossible.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum.
My responsibilities were:
  • Picking technology stack.
  • Designing project architecture.
  • Translating business requirements into a technical specification and providing realistic deadlines.
  • Writing most of the code.
  • Running IT infrastructure for the project.
  • Hiring new tech team members.
Technology Stack:
  • MS SQL as a database.
  • Web server runs on asp.net mvc/azure.
  • Bootstrap as front-end library.
  • jQuery as the main javascript framework.
  • Background tasks with azure jobs.
  • Azure as PAAS.
  • Sentry.io for error and logs handling.

User has an hour to pay his invoice at given exchange rate