Apercoin is a 0% trading fee peer-to-peer crypto marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

I was CTO and co-founder of the project.

My responsibilities were:
  • Picking technology stack.
  • Designing project architecture.
  • Translating business requirements into a technical specification and providing realistic deadlines.
  • Writing most of the code and MVP.
  • Running IT infrastructure for the project.
  • Hiring new tech team members.
  • Promoting the project at tech events.
Technology Stack:
  • Postgres as a database.
  • Web server runs on python/django.
  • Bootstrap as front-end library.
  • jQuery as the main javascript framework.
  • Background tasks with Celery.
  • Bespoke Bitcoin Wallet on top of bitcoind daemon.
  • Integrated 2fa TOPT solution.
  • Web sockets for chat and notifications.
  • Telegram bot for instant user notifications.
  • Server Ubuntu as platform OS.
  • DigitalOcean as VPS provider.
  • Sentry.io for error and logs handling.
  • Mailgun for sending emails.
Key Features:
  • Account – Login, Logout, Register, Confirm Email, Reset Pwd, Change Pwd, Profile Page, Change Email.
  • Escrow – all trades are secured by escrow system. It is an automatic system.
  • Ratings/Review System – After a trade is completed, parties can leave ratings and reviews.
  • Wallet – Deposit, Withdraw, and Transfer Bitcoins using automatic hot wallet system.
  • Deals Management System.
  • Trade Issue Resolution System.
  • Custom 2FA system using TOTP.
  • Real-time chat and notifications using web sockets.
  • Custom telegram bot.
  • Affiliate system.
  • Geolocation by IP address.

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